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Back on track…

The holidays are over and it went by so fast. I must admit that I completely stopped running, cross training and doing yoga after Thanksgiving. There is no excuse. I was being lazy and constantly moody. I realize it’s a horrible cycle. I’m ready to get back on track. Ready to be happy and healthy this new year.


Cold Gear

As the weather gets colder I’m curious to know how much difference “cold gear” and other like products makes as opposed to regular running tights and capris. There are so many different versions and most of them are very pricey so I wanted to make sure that wearing them would in fact make me feel noticeably comfortable when I run in the cold.

First Post!

Hello. I’m a twenty something newbie blogger. I wanted to start this blog to track my running and eating habits in hopes to become fit and healthy. I have never really been active until a few months ago. After joining a gym and trying different classes and training sessions I’ve come to realize I love kickboxing, running and yoga. I am still new to exercise and am working hard to be consistent and diligent with my runs and classes. I have always been pretty good about eating healthy except for my weakness to all things sweet.

I have been inconsistently going to yoga for the last 3 months. Ideally I would like to go to my vinyasa flow class 3 to 4 times a week (yoga is free with my gym membership and the classes are actually very good and comparable to a yoga studio I was paying $15~$20 a class for). I haven’t really tried any other forms of yoga and was wondering what the differences were. Also, anyone familiar with bikram yoga? Is being in the heat very tiring?

I started running 2 months ago and ran a couple 5 and 10Ks and basically fell in love with running. I would love to get any advice from you runners out there on how i could go about improving my time and other running tips for beginners.

Thanks for visiting! Have a great weekend!!